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Platform: Windows 95,98,2000,XE,Office XE, ME     Developer: Robin Hood Software Ltd    Price: $74.95      DOWNLOAD  Now!

This is what experts at Ultimate Anonymity have to say about Evidence Eliminator.

               "Over the last 4 months we have been testing Evidence Eliminator. During that time
               we have received hundreds of emails from members asking if we were familiar with the
               product or if we had considered doing a product review on it. Members who are using 
               Evidence Eliminator and wrote to us give the program very high marks and after extensive
               testing, we do the same. In our testing we have found that this product delivers."

 Here are some of the things Evidence Eliminator will remove with a single click:

                     Windows SWAP file 
                     Windows Application logs 
                     Windows Temporary Files 
                     Windows Recycle Bin 
                     Windows Registry Backups 
                     Windows Clipboard Data 
                     Start Menu Recent Documents history 
                     Start Menu Run history 
                     Start Menu Find Files History 
                     Start Menu Find Computer History 
                     Start Menu Order Data 
                     Start Menu Click History 
                     Microsoft Internet Explorer temporary typed URLs, index files, cache and history 
                     Microsoft Internet Explorer AutoComplete memory of form posts and passwords 
                     Microsoft Internet Explorer Cookies (Selective cookie keeping for versions 5 and above) 
                     Microsoft Internet Explorer Internet components (Selective keeping of components) 
                     Microsoft Internet Explorer Download Folder memory 
                     Microsoft Internet Explorer Favorites List 
                     Microsoft Outlook Express v5+ database of (Selective keeping of mail and news groups) 
                     Windows Media Player History 
                     Windows Media Player PlayLists in Media Library 
                     America OnLine Instant Messenger contacts 
                     Netscape Navigator temporary typed URLs, files, cache and history. 
                     Netscape Navigator Cookies (Selective cookie keeping for versions 4 and above) 
                     Netscape Mail v4+ sent and deleted e-mails 
                     Netscape Mail hidden files 
                     Customizable lists of files and folders, with or without their contents 
                     Customizable scan lists of file types in specific folders 
                     Customizable scan lists of file types on all drives 
                     Deleted filenames, sizes and attributes from drive directory structures 
                     Free cluster space ("Slack") from all file tips 
                     Magnetic remenance from underneath existing files/folders 
                     All free unallocated space on all hard drives 
                     Evidence of activity in many other programs, using Plug-In modules 
                     Slack space and deleted entries in the Windows registry 
                     Created and modified dates and times on all files and folders 
                     Windows Registry Streams 
                     Common Dialog load/save location history

(Screen shot of Evidence Eliminator)

Evidence Eliminator is completely customizable allowing each user to customize the program to suit their own needs. Evidence Eliminator offers powerful features such as secure deletion using DOD standard wiping, full Windows Explorer integration meaning you can right click on files/folders in the Windows pop-up window, elimination of sensitive files and data - even if locked by the Windows operating system, Safety Check feature to protect new users plus much, much more. This program offers complete protection eliminating tracks you accumulate while online and covers all the bases with one click. Robin Hood Software customer support is prompt and complete.

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