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Evidence Eliminator really works, and that's official

Vogon Forensic Services

".... experts in all areas of forensic computing, the science of extracting data so that it can be presented as evidence in a Court of Law. Evidence must not be damaged, destroyed or otherwise compromised by procedures used to investigate the computer, otherwise it may be rendered inadmissible...."

Evidence Eliminator™ Works - And That's Official!

 Gordon Stevenson, Managing Director of Vogon Forensics likes snooping in people's hard disks for some of the World's most brutal and oppressive regimes.

In an article recently published at the Vogon Forensics Website, the distribution of Evidence Eliminator™ on the front-cover of a leading UK National PC Magazine (We have long been featured on the cover of magazines Worldwide) is described by Vogon as

"struck a blow for IT Security teams and law enforcement Officers".

There you have concrete confirmation from an official Police Forensic Investigator that Evidence Eliminator truly does work.

And if you bought any cheaper imitation software, be aware of Vogon's statements that

"...unlike Evidence Eliminator this type of software will never delete all the traces that you want it to from hard drives."

Furthermore giving us rare insight into the bizarre and warped mindset of the investigator, Vogon goes on to describe the magazine's actions in distributing Evidence Eliminator™ as "EQUIPPING THE PAEDOPHILE".

If major national magazines can't cover-CD mount perfectly legitimate cache-cleaning programs without being branded as "EQUIPPING THE PAEDOPHILE" then what warped vision of society do Vogon Forensics promote.

This extraordinary incident should be a lesson to anyone who thinks that Forensic Investigators are sociable-minded people, or that you have nothing to fear from them. Clearly their views are incompatible with society. But Vogon are selling themselves to the police as court witnesses. The idea that people with such anti-social attitudes should be allowed any authority at all is simply ridiculous!

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Remember, Evidence Eliminator™ defeats all known Forensic Analysis software programs such as those below which cost law enforcement agencies in excess of $7,000 each - guaranteed!


"....EnCase allows you to conduct a powerful, yet completely non-invasive search of any number of hard drives or computer disks in one pass...."

All customers please note: We have this Encase police software. Evidence Eliminator defeats it completely. In our tests, Evidence Eliminator destroys extra evidence from the hard drive that EnCase cannot even see!

"Detective Christopher Hapsas of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department's High-Tech Crimes Detail said there is a utility called Evidence Eliminator that zeroes out a hard drive, rendering EnCase use-less in recovering incriminating data from a suspects computer"
(Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers  "Computer Magazine", January 2001,
section "Computer Forensics: High-Tech Law Enforcement")

According to the Los Angeles Times 20th October 2000, EnCase

"Got its first big contract, a $50,000 order from the Secret Service, in 1998. It has since been adopted by dozens of law-enforcement agencies, from the Customs Service to the Los Angeles Police Department....  Its growing list of corporate clients includes Disney, Bank of America, Coca-Cola and Philip Morris."

  • Throughout the years 1999 and 2000 this Encase police software was freely downloadable. We have a copy of EnCase software and Evidence Eliminator defeats it 100%.

  • This is a standard American police tool. Before Evidence Eliminator technology was available, EnCase was available free (but no more) from their home page at the "download/upgrade" link. Cops could be seen chatting on the EnCase message boards asking each other for help after seizing computers on which Evidence Eliminator had been used.

  • Jan 2003 - Encase selected by UK Metropolitan Police "Scotland Yard Computer Crime Unit" as its "standard tool".

Deleting "internet cache and history"  will not protect you. Your PC stores all this information is hidden files full of deadly evidence. Even formating the disk won't work. All those Web Pages, pictures, movies, videos, sounds, e-mail and everything else you have ever viewed and thought you had deleted are easily be recovered - even many years later.


Below is the view of a porn-filled hard drive on EnCase police software, both before, and after, the Evidence Eliminator™ treatment

Defend yourself!    Make your Internet access safer and get yourself
a truly clean and faster "Like New" PC!

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Take a peek at some of the other tools your boss, law-enforcement, customs and the tax office may use to analyze your PC all of which Evidence Eliminatoris guranteed to beat every single time and render any data that may be retrieved by them useless!

Intelligent Forensic Filter

"....artificial intelligence to identify fragments of word processing communications, fragments of E-mail communications, fragments of Internet chat room communications, fragments of Internet news group posts...."

Net Threat Analyzer

"....computer artificial intelligence, fuzzy logic to identify patterns of text that may be tied to Internet transactions and/or file downloads from the Internet.... covertly determine past Internet activities on a subject computer...."

GetSlack - Forensic Data Capture

"....From an investigative standpoint, file slack is a target rich environment to find leads and evidence. File slack can contain leads and evidence...."

Digital Intelligence, Inc

"....FRED.... (F)orensic (R)ecovery of (E)vidence (D)evice.... roll FRED directly into a crime scene or use it in the lab to acquire data from seized equipment, all you have to do is remove the hard drive(s) from the suspect equipment and plug them into FRED...." (these forensic products sell for over $7000)

Expert Witness 2000

"....Expert Witness 2000TM is a complete forensic environment which has been designed to support the Legal and Law Enforcement communities....storing large amounts of evidence...."


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Evidence Eliminator is the proven and tested evidence erasing and privacy protecting software.

It will speed up and enhance the performance of your computer and protect your privacy all at the same time.

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